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My name is Xenia Kasper. You might now be thinking “I’ve heard that name before”

... and that’s entirely possible!

I’m the manager of Linda de Mol, Olcay Gülsen, Ruud de Wild, Natasja Froger and last but not least Noa Vahle. Alongside that, I’ve also written and published 7 books in the last 15 years, most of which are crime.

Over the past years I’ve always been trying to find ways to protect my décolleté from the sun. We all know that the skin around that area is the thinnest and has the tendency to get red VERY quickly, no matter how much suncream you put on. To protect from wrinkling, I’ve experimented with thin scarves and handkerchieves and always found myself folding them into neat little triangles as I was at the beach or next to a pool. Last summer I was fed up – I wanted something pretty that would match my bikini, was easy to take on and off, and easy to wash (with no ironing required!).

My search for such a product was unsuccessful so I decided to design something myself and made a prototype. Thereafter, I presented it to Rachel de Boer of La Decollette and we decided to enter into a partnership to bring the product to the market.

The X Sun Protector is the perfect addition to La Decollette.


Quote from Tom van Eijk

Tom van Eijk Kliniek, cosmetic physician

Aging and wrinkle formation of the decolleté seems almost inevitable, and treating this area with fillers is not straightforward, so prevention is better than cure. Many women forget to apply sunscreen to this patch of skin, and especially when the face is protected by a hat or cap, you hardly feel how much sunlight the decolleté has to endure, resulting in damage to collagen, elastin, and loss of moisture.

X Sun Protector prevents this.

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