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La Decollette is part of KLEURENKABINET, which started on August 1, 2008.

Correspondence Address : Lijnbaan 59B, 1969ND Heemskerk
Email :
Phone number : 06-53564094
KvK number : 30218263
BTW number : NL001521356B98

La Decollette® is subject to Intellectual Property Rights according to the EUIPO and is registered in the Benelux, Europe, various countries outside Europe and the USA and is protected by Bureau Merkrecht in Breda and Leeway Advocaten in Amsterdam.


Based on the natural healing ability of the skin, ex-stewardess Rachel de Boer developed and designed this anti-aging bra. Only 30 years of age, she discovered wrinkles in her cleavage and because no cosmetic product actually helped, she decided to invent something that turned out to be the only effective solution: the anti-aging bra.


During the night, the anti-aging bra does a very effective job by keeping your cleavage smooth as the small pillow in between separates the breasts in a very comfortable way. For this reason, your cleavage is not able to 'crinkle' anymore. After just 1 night you will be stunned by the significant results (scientifically tested!), all without expensive cosmetic treatments or surgeries. Optimum results are achieved after 15 days. Recently, Dr. Benoit Cuturaud, plastic surgeon in Paris, has researched La Decollette on nightly comfort for women who have had breast surgery and in every case more comfort is achieved.

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