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The anti-aging bra does its work effectively while you sleep. After just 1 night you will be amazed by the significant results (scientifically tested!), and without expensive cosmetic procedures. Vertical wrinkles or so-called 'sleep wrinkles' no longer have a chance to form on the décolleté, because La Decollette keeps it neatly in place at night. Moreover, this night bra is so comfortable that it is experienced as a pleasant support at night.

Recently, Dr. Benoit Cuturaud, plastic surgeon in Paris, has researched La Decollette on nightly comfort for women who have had breast surgery and in every case more comfort is achieved.

Combineer Producten - 20% Korting!

– Anti-Aging Bra

Combine the Anti-aging bra with the Pillow and immediately receive a 10 euro discount on your total order.

The original Anti-Aging Bra, to wear at night while sleeping. Very effective against wrinkles on the cleavage and scientifically tested with very positive results. This night bra also offers very nice support for the breasts at night. All materials are anti-allergenic.

  • 80% Polyamid, 20% Elastan (LYCRA®), skin side Cotton, filling 100% Polyamid (Comforel®)
  • Adjustable in width 65-95 cm
  • One-size-fits all
  • 1 year warranty

– Pillow Secret

Sleeping on satin is an age-old beauty secret that has been used by many for many years with very positive results. Many celebrities now sleep on a satin pillowcase. It ensures that:

  • The hair will be polished
  • No more split ends
  • Prevents sleep wrinkles on the face due to the smooth structure
  • Better hydration of your skinproduct(s)
  • Protects lashes and lash-extensions
  • 100% Viscose, Heavy Satin.
  • Beautiful smooth material, made of a natural fiber, so breathable and absorbent. A treat to sleep on!
  • Size: 60 x 70 cm, machine washable at 40 degrees.

La Decollette only uses 100% natural materials, so no polyester.

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