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Many of us know that sleeping on satin is an ancient beauty secret. Sleeping on the right fabric could make a huge difference in aging. Due to the smoothness of satin (unlike cotton), it does not only polish your hair, it also keeps your skin firm. But did you also know there is a huge difference in satin or silk pillowcases?

First of all, let us explain that satin is no fabric itself. It is just a name for the way the fabric is woven. For example, cotton or polyester can be satin-woven. Most of the satin pillowcases who are available on the market are made of 100% polyester, so if you consider to buy one, please realize that you might end up sleeping on a ‘plastic’ plilow every night which is not able to breathe and absorb.

As we aim for natural beauty solutions we have done some research regarding pillowcases. Satin cases, made of polyester were immediately removed from our list. No plastic for us. A cotton case created friction between the hair and the surface of the pillow because of the roughness, which could lead to hair breakage and facial folds. So how about silk? Silk does not need any explanation when it comes to the luxurious, natural and soft quality. So we tried a 100% silk pillow case and when it comes to the benefits for hair and skin, it definitely lived up to our expectations, The only thing is that silk pillowcovers are very expensive (the 100% pure silk ones) and the fabric is very vulnerable so it can easily tear at the seams. Next to this, silk is difficult to wash in the machine.

During the progress of our search we encountered a fabric that finally met all our requirements, named viscose satin. Viscose satin is made of a natural fiber, is much smoother than polyester, way stronger than silk (machine wash!) and the fabric is able to breathe and absorb (which is a must for hair and skin).  It turned out that no other brand so far carried this fabric in their pillowcase collection so we decided to make our own.

We have these natural pillowcases for a while in our range now and can determine the following benefits:


Viscose satin is so soft that it allows your skin to glide against the pillowcase.
Your facial skin at night has less to endure why no more sleep wrinkles will occur around your eyes, mout hand forehead.


Due to the softness of natural viscose satin, it does not only polish your hair, it also prevents brittle hair and split ends as the hair slides across the pillow and is much less likely to get damaged. Another benefit is that it does not harm your hairdo and the moisture balance of your hair is much healthier compared to sleeping on cotton.


Viscose satin pillowcovers are very benificial for your eyelashes or lash extensions.. When sleeping on a cotton pillow cover, your eyes are often pressed up against the rough fibers. Eyelash breakage and loss can be reduced, because the soft material of viscose satin glide over the eyes instead of rubbing against a more rough fabric.


No need to explain how important it is to sleep on a natural fabric. Viscose satin is able to allow your pores to breathe and to balance the moisture of your skin and hair.

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