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The only thing she was convinced of was that if it helped her to keep her cleavage beautiful, it would help other women as well. After finding the right productpartner, she opened a webshop and visited many tradeshows.

After some international media attention, La Decollette was discovered by many women. Though initially the reactions were sceptical especially because of the ‘funny’ design of this bra) soon the product was taken more and more seriously. All the more because the results showed that La Decollette wasn’t a hype but a functional article that keeps you beautiful in a natural way.

The fact that the ‘not so sexy’ bra showed very sexy results made that La Decollette found her way worldwide. After pharmacist Virginie Couturaud of C.E.R.C.O. in Paris proved the scientific evidence, this bra is a musthave for sidesleepers who care about their feminity. Meanwhile, the anti-aging bra of La Decollette is used by several celebrities who also discovered that this funny product is actually quite fabulous.

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